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303 South Main Street * Memphis, Missouri

In June 1987, the Keith & Ruth Ann Boyer Family donated the house just north, adjacent to the downing House Museum. This gift was in memory of his parents, Wallace & Lucille Boyer.

This house was a part of the Downing House. The two-story frame building had been built onto the original Downing House when it was known as the Park Hotel. It was removed in 1907 and moved to its present location, which is now the Boyer House. The Boyer House is used as an extension of the Downing House Museum.

THE OLIVER PARLOR SET: the 8 piece Victorian parlor set includes a walnut oval table and 2 large framed pictures, donated by Myrleen (McIntyre) Oliver, a step-daughter of the Simon Family, who owned the Simon Saddlery business from 1963 to 1964 in Memphis, Missouri.

A SCHOOL ROOM was furnished as a memorial to Lucille Boyer - the South Liberty No. 53. Many persons donated books, desks, posters, blackboards, lunch pails, buckets, slates, etc.

A CHILD’S TOY ROOM has been decorated and furnished with many very old toys and children’s furniture.

AN OLD FASHIONED SEWING ROOM has been furnished with an old sewing machine and chair, wooden sewing table, wood ironing board, and old irons and pattern books, as well as a collection of old buttons.

AN OLD BEDROOM has been furnished with an antique wooden rope bed, corn husk mattress, and rocking chairs. 

Also displayed is a collection of old hats, curtain stretchers, and a quilting frame.

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