Built in 1858 - National Register of Historic Places 1979
South Main Street Memphis, Missouri -  Phone: 660-465-2259
Complex: Downing House Museum, Boyer House, Memphis Train Depot & Pheasant Aircraft Co.

Downing House Museum


The old Memphis Depot was donated to the Scotland County Historical Society by the City of Memphis in 1987.

The Depot was moved in May 1988 from its original site near the corner of Huntington and Jackson Streets to the present location on the Downing House grounds, as part of the Museum Complex.

The first train arrived in Memphis on September 28, 1871, and the railway line passed through Granger, Arbela, Memphis, and Crawford Stations.

Three different railway lines were used locally since 1871 when the railroad ran through the town of Memphis beginning with Keokuk & Western, known as    K & W, later it was changed to Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) and on March 3, 1970 it was changed to Burlington Northern.